Leslie Wilson

Managing Director

Leslie brings a strategic and creative approach to IAM Brands LLC that comes from his diverse entrepreneurial and consulting experiences in the tech field. He is passionate about his vision for the company, and its ability to bring the world's most revolutionary mobile applications to fruition. Leslie sees the mobile platform as a place with enormous potential for growth and innovation through collaborative development.

Prior to developing IAM Brands LLC, Leslie created PGM Solutions, a web application/development company and IAM Brands Marketing, an internet marketing and branding company. Leslie calls Sugarland, Texas home, where he can be found raising and mentoring his son, building his network and enjoying his family and friends.


Mobile App Development

Web Design

Internet Marketing

IAM Brands LLC's team of mobile application experts provide custom development solutions based on industry standard development platforms allowing teams to quickly create a story board, develop, integrate with back end, test, debug, and deploy new devices, applications, and services. IAM MobileApps' engineering team is uniquely qualified across all areas modern mobile architectures.
At I.A.M. Brands LLC, our team of seasoned professionals make the creation of your website simple and enjoyable for you. Choose from our variety of templates, or let us choose one for you. We know which designs elicit the best responses from your particular audience. You provide the content and we'll put it together in a package that you and your prospects will love!
The fundamental objective of our web advertising company is to offer businesses a professional presence on the Internet and though strategic Internet marketing, helping to increase our client's traffic. All web pages are designed with the client in mind. We can also revitalize your existing site, creating visibly appealing web pages that attract new customers.
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